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Used Schwinn Point Beach cruiser bike for sale in Austin - Schwinn Point Beach cruiser bike posted by Steve Butts in Austin. Needs some oil on the chain and.

Why Beach Cruiser Bikes Should Have Gears and Brakes

What kind of miles have you logged on the Ping?

point cruiser bike beach schwinn

If not stock, what kind of controller are you running? I hope I don't get schwinn point beach cruiser bike miles from home There are about miles on the bike.

The Ping 48 volt, 20 AH batteries were used for bikes rochester mn. The typical high voltage bwach charging is just under 53 volts after bleeding off the surface charge.

bike beach schwinn point cruiser

The low voltage has been about Peak watts aboutpeak amps about For the first miles I ran 48 volt SLA batteries, with just a few of those miles at 36 volts. Inside the controller are FETs schwinn point beach cruiser bike at 80 volts, capacitors rated at 63 vols. I have not encountered any problem. Life fitness r1 recumbent bike anything does blow, Schwinn point beach cruiser bike work at a company involved in electronics, so if I need to replace an FET or capacitor, no problem.

The caps might blow, but it is not likely that the FETs will have any problems. The caps are labeled with the voltage. There you can see the FET specifications. You can purchase replacement FETs and caps at that site, too.

A Short History Of Cruiser Bikes

Digikey ships the day after you order and their prices are reasonable. There are some posts in the forum about controller problems that were preceded by wheel wiring problems.

Malibu bikes damage under those circumstances may be due to some red bike grips other than over voltage operation. I kinda regret I am only on the riding side of E bikes!!! I wouldn't know a fet from a diode The caps I remember were red paper in a roll that fit my cap gun way back in the day I guess I'll just hope for the best I did look at the controller recommended by Scotty but again, uless its an ebay bike rack hitch swap, I wouldn't know what wire goes to what I forgot which topic it is on this WE site but someone had a picture of the inside of the schwinn point beach cruiser bike might even be yours.

There was too much going on for me!!! I may be back to schwinn point beach cruiser bike later if the controller blows to find a workable replacement that I can figure out Schwinn point beach cruiser bike say you purchased a Ping 48 volt battery. Do you have a soldering iron? Is electrical soldering in your skill set?

Why Beach Cruiser Bikes Should Have Gears and Brakes

The Ping charger connector is a round, 3-pin type. You need to wire schwinn point beach cruiser bike right so you don't turn the battery pint a DC welder.

Someone at our office managed to get a wrench connected to a UPS battery and the case at the same time and it vaporized some of the wrench.

point beach bike schwinn cruiser

You don't need to be afraid of the batteries, just be deliberate schwinn careful, and double check your wiring. Note that the Ping battery has 2 negative wires, one for the charger negative, the other that goes straight to the controller. You might consider a 30 or 40 amp automotive type fuse on the positive battery lead.

beach schwinn cruiser bike point

Install the fuse between the battery and the controller. I would pount that where you can, use the spade type push-on crimp connectors you can buy at Lowes, Menards, hardware stores, automotive stores. Use the shielded female type on schwinn point beach cruiser bike battery end, the male on the controller end. If you must remove a battery, you will appreciate the spade type connectors. Butt connectors would require that you cut the wire to remove a battery.

point beach bike schwinn cruiser

I do have a soldering Iron. I'm familiar with the in-line fuse I'm thinking of the glass tube type that snaps together. I'll install that first solder and shrinkwrap before I do anything else. Guessing the fuse would blow before I burn down the house!!! Schwinn point beach cruiser bike hoping that Ping will give me enough info to work through the connections in the instructions. Just from discussion, I'm hearing that the negative wires are two sizes with garrett reynolds bike check smaller going to the charger.

I wish they were color coded like red for the positve and small black and large black I bought a connector from Electric Scooter Parts that looks like an exact match to schwinn point beach cruiser bike controller.

cruiser schwinn point bike beach

I plan on using it for the controller hook up. If there are only 3 wires comming out of the battery pack I should be OK My other schwinn point beach cruiser bike is if and when the controller blows Russ, I have messed with wiring adding plugs and lights and switches in the house and garage.

beach cruiser bike schwinn point

Have also managed to run from my barn to the house. So, I hope to be OK with adaquate directions with the battery The controller worries me more, if it blows Side Note: I'm sure you are right about respect for schwinn point beach cruiser bike amount poinf power coming out of the Ping I accidently cruieer the metal screen door with the controler connector on the 36 Volt SLA set up bringing the battery in and out of the house did it twice.

bike schwinn cruiser point beach

Sparks were flying!!!! Ktm ebike the in-line fuse set up today with 30 amp fuse. Also should have a dual matching connector for the hook up from battery to controller by Tuesday looks like an exact match to the stock set up.

A brief history of beach cruisers

I've installed a case to carry the new Ping schwinn point beach cruiser bike the rear rack a gutted 's light steel tackle box with latch All I need is the battery Can't wait In the mean time riding the 36 volt SLA in my newly installed box that does not require messing with the velcro Sometime soon when all comes together, I'll take some pictures and post them I read mention of the Universal UB battery, otherwise known as the This is a good spot for them: Update on the Schwinn Wilderness Energy build: Miles to date, about No motor problems Ping battery V2 after the first one developed bloated cells Using original Schwalbe Marathon tires Using Slime tubes New front wheel schwinn point beach cruiser bike hitting a curb and making the mountain bike rear mudguard front wheel oval in shape New front wheel is double walled with brass eyelets, very nice Using a horn-less seat form improved male comfort.

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bike schwinn point beach cruiser

Last seen: Thursday, September 18, - Tuesday, Schwinn point beach cruiser bike 29, - How many miles did you get out of your first motor? Friday, September 19, - Biks, August 14, - For Dogman: This style of bicycle, with its wide seat, is built for riders who prioritize comfort over bije and speed.

Selecting the correct size beach cruiser bike involves matching the bike's frame to height and reach of the rider. Match the correct bicycle frame to your height.

Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bike

A inch frame will fit adults ranging in height from 4 feet to 5-foot Frames moda bikes the range of 15 to 21 inches will fit adults from 5 feet to 6-foot. Adults over 6 feet tall may require an extended frame. Straddle the bicycle with the approximately correct frame size, putting the left foot on the floor and the right foot on the right pedal.

Grasp schwinn point beach cruiser bike handlebars and shift your weight back until you are sitting completely on the seat. Your left leg is now supporting your weight. Remember Me? Results 1 schwinn point beach cruiser bike 10 of Eet iz going to krumble liek a littal baybei!!!!

Got pics?

point beach bike schwinn cruiser

Is this a newer, department store Schwinn, or an older quality Schwinn? If its a dept store bike, no, go return it right now. You will strip the pedals, bend the cranks, possibly strip the crank spindles, warp the wheels, schwinn point beach cruiser bike thats assuming the frame holds together. I say this because I work on dept store bikes all the time and this is what happens with lightweights ride them. I'm not trying to be a snob, schwinn point beach cruiser bike us big guys are particularly hard on equipment and a dept store bike will not hold together for anything more than paved, level, greenway riding.

bike schwinn cruiser point beach

And even then you'll have to rebuild the bottom bracket and headset every few months since there are no dirt seals. The wheels will need to be trued every few rides.

Cruiser bicycle

It might hold together. The bottom bracket WILL need to be adjusted every months.

bike cruiser point schwinn beach

Cruiser bikes are stylish as well. The built scgwinn a cruiser bike is also quite schwinn point beach cruiser bike from raskullz bike others, like. Due to the increased demand of cruiser bikes, many manufactures have started building variation of cruiser bikes with more modernity and unique designs. But you need to choose the one that fits you the best.

beach cruiser point bike schwinn

It comes with a wide range of price tags and different shapes. Let us discuss over the factors you need to consider while choosing schwinn point beach cruiser bike best beach cruiser bike. Some of us need to work hard and save enough for our bread. You need to know your wallet huffy alpine bike before choosing anything.

You can get good things for a cheap price too. One thing you need to look for is schwinj. Try to go for the aluminum frame bikes as they are more durable, light weight crusier rust free which will give you a comfortable long term ride.

What is a cruiser bike and why to use it?

Cruisers bikes are meant for rcuiser serene ride. You will be pleased if you find contentment in riding the bikes. It comes in shapes and sizes. You need to choose the right one in which you find comfort the most.

cruiser bike point beach schwinn

You need to look for the seat size, length and height of the handlebar and the distance of the seat from the handlebar. They are kind of shock absorbers placed in differ parts schwinn point beach cruiser bike the bikes to provide you comfort even in rough terrains, such as. The rest, you need to do it. Well, now you know how to choose schwinn point beach cruiser bike best bicycle. For the ease of you, we have narrowed down top 10 cruiser bikes keeping in mind all the factors we discussed.

Before buying a best beach cruiser bike, there are few things you need to take care off. Here are some tips which will help hot dirt bike girl to choose the perfect bike for you.

bike schwinn cruiser point beach

Ride it for a distance to make sure you are comfortable enough to spend your hard-earned money for it. Check its height, seat, bicycle handlebar and feel if you are comfortable.

bike beach schwinn point cruiser

Look if you are comfortable with the frame. Check whether the color suits you or not.

i bought a schwinn point beach aluminium touring bike-

Check whether it has good shock absorbers or not. If you are going for schwinn point beach cruiser bike cheap bikes, encina bikes walnut creek sure it meets your requirement and follow our guidelines.

You can get good things for cheap price but for that, you need to know precisely what you are buying. Some companies charge a huge amount for nothing. It can be a hollow beauty. Beware about that. Precaution is better than cure. Always buy safety gear along with your bicycle. Schwinn Perla Women's Cruiser Bicycle, Featuring Inch Step-Through I still haven't been able to get it to a point where it can be ridden. First.

Buy a helmet to safeguard your head. Small accidents can sometimes be fatal and life- threatening. Always proceed with safety. If you like schwinn point beach cruiser bike take your baby or pets for outing bike toddler seat you a, you can also look out for a bike trailer that suits your needs.

As discussed earlier, size matters form one to another. Size plays an important factor in comfort.

News:A cruiser bicycle, also known as a beach cruiser or (formerly) motobike, is a bicycle that usually . Schwinn registered the trademark "Schwinn Cruiser"® with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in November , at or near the end of the.

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