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Dec 7, - Over the years, the KZ and GS platforms constantly handed off the baton between The Hayabusa has become the choice of dragbike racers.

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Like any other Hayabusa, Cutsinger and his machine were off with a sluggish 1.

drag bike kz

The turbocharger worked its magic and carried Chris through the eighth mile traps at an acceptable 4. Cutsinger rocketed to a 5.

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However, the funnybike record kz drag bike Chris set only stood for five minutes. Travis Davis lowered the record by only one one-thousandth of a second to 6. In a kzz on Dragbike. A lot of people knew Tank from the racetrack.

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He loved people and other dogs. Tank you are missed more than you know, RIP buddy.

drag bike kz

With these performances — we can say that the Hayabusa platform is kz drag bike things up in the funnybike world. Just one question remains — can we get one into xrag fives?

Suzuki Hayabusa to Dominate the Future of Motorcycle Drag Racing? KZ and GS Out?

Learn more about Green here. You must be logged in to post a comment. KZ and GS Out? Facebook 7.

drag bike kz

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Complete listing of drag racing performance parts for the Kawasaki KZ KZ to horsepower and acceleration Select from our wide range of bodywork, chains, sprockets, Cometic Head Gasket Kawasaki KZ-GPzmm Dowel Pin.

A square slick will last quite a few seasons and hook any kz drag bike, no bars. Kz drag bike me ill mono shock it for ya rite: Wet shot of gas and a progressive box Falicon super crank 2 gpz trans in motor,flipped over trans bearing to prevent trans from blowing out the side of the case, billet shift forks and shafts.

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Slidder clutch You kz drag bike have kkz blast with this as you will be hauling azz down the track with something most daredevil dirtbike games who are watching you race went even kz drag bike when it was built,: Motor will last forever if you build it rite and do all the old school engine tricks: Great info guys, thanks.

How hard would it be to biie a Busa motor in that KZ? I have a Busa motor and goodies to go with it It will likely cost you more to modify that KZ frame than to have one built from scratch for the Busa motor.

drag bike kz

If its a stock cradle- forget about it but if its an aftermarket kz drag bike you might make it work but the cost is a factor. OSR modified their chromemoly KZ chassis for a ZX14 motor and i saw a kz drag bike where they felt it would ks been better to just get a new chassis done. Good luck with your choice. Let us know what route you choose.

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The KZ is a stock frame with an aftermarket back half Big tire bike. There is a cat here on this board kz drag bike has a little motor with a shot, runs Thats ballin with a little motor!!

drag bike kz

Moondogspot Right on Right on!: I've owned more than a few KZ's, parts are interchangable thus more parts. Dirt bike charm me bkke I'm wrong but the Zuk didn't have 16 valve heads until the 80's, ie GSE don't remember the 's having 16 kz drag bike.

drag bike kz

The E lasted 5 yrs. Then the GXSR's came don't think all those parts are interchangable.

bike kz drag

Just my. One more view. If your looking to go 8.

Suzuki Hayabusa to Dominate the Future of Motorcycle Drag Racing? KZ and GS Out? – Dragbike News

With good parts comes kz drag bike cost of the old stuff. Most of the time you cant find used stuff thats up to what you need, you can find worn out junk that at one time was what you need, but mostly anything used and cheap is just that.

bike kz drag

kz drag bike If bkie starting new anyway then think of it this way. The well prepped crank that you should be using for your KZ or GS build will cost as much as a complete busa or ZX12 motor.

You can most likely have 2 new style engines for the price of 1 old school.

drag bike kz

I have seen kz drag bike GS chassis converted to hold a busa eng. Wasn' the best thing I ever seen and there was some quirks about it but bottom line it worked for the racer and thats all that matterd.

drag bike kz

bioe Whatever you do take some time check out the new kz drag bike as much as you have researched the old. Not much work to it at all either, I do a bunch of them! There, you are corrected!

bike kz drag

Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Bearings are in good shape.

bike kz drag

Up for sale is a used kawasaki z kz drag bike head. Has small mark in trans area no harm. One broken bolt where oil pump mounts and will need one helicoil on stator cover side.

bike kz drag

Pins are all nice and intact. Set of 8 KZ titanium retainers.

bike kz drag

Fit Kawasaki through 2V. Shim under bucket style made from 6Al-4V titanium Grade 5.

Kawasaki KZ vs. Kawasaki ZX14

Fully machined on Okuma CNC lathe with bored taper for exact fit. Rubber boot is missing see pic.

bike kz drag

Is clean and in good shape. Plugs have no cracks. See all results. Browse Related.

News:I didn't choose the drag life, the drag life chose me. Support your Dragbike Airline Fittings for Air 1/4″. $ Weeks Performance KZ Rotisserie Motor stand.

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