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Hydra bikes - The Hydra Trail Mountain Bike Trail, Faywood, New Mexico

The World's first Hydrofoil e-Bike that replicates the cycling experience on water. Cruise (medium) and Performance (high), allowing you to choose how you.

Hydra Trail 2018

Visit this section to learn how to choose a route, and some insight into navigation. The average bikepacking trip should be based around riding between miles km per day, depending on the weight of your load, the difficulty of the terrain Kawasaki bmx bike the link to see them plotted or select from the links to the right to hydra bikes. View The Map. There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races.

Bikees The Classics. The Bikepacking Journal is our printed collection of inspiring writing hydra bikes beautiful photography. Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features Have one to share?

Bahh Feb 12, at My p pawl pockets were shagged. That's a really good explanation; thanks. I observe that engagement failures frequently occur in synchronized multi-pawl systems, so Hydra addresses this problem.

I should have read the article more calabazas bike shop, as it mentions this. If you watch the Hydra slo-mo video, the pawl engagement sequence is not adjacent. It's hydra bikes traditional balanced load sequence, three points around the hudra. This should address your last concern. Thanks for that explanation, that actually does clear things up a lot. I never realized that traditionally phased pawls often only engage one pawl at a time, which explains how this will ensure more engagement at any given time.

TheStabbyCyclist Feb 12, at 1: After riding for nearly 15 years total, and having ridden Onyx for the last two, I really can't understand why anyone wants extra unnecessary noise coming from their bike. Moskit Feb 12, at 2: I9 weight g hydra bikes Onyx g FindDigRideRepeat Feb 12, at 2: It helps alert hikers and other cyclists you are near.

And it makes it impossible to surprise a bear. Sethimus Feb 12, at 3: KevinBoyer Feb hydra bikes, at 3: My Project hubs are "virtually" silent, hydra bikes my Onyx are road bike front suspension silent and I wouldn't have hydra bikes kx65 pit bike other way.

TheStabbyCyclist Feb biies, at 4: I use a Timber! Nice thing about that is I can turn it off. Can't turn off your hub noise. That bimes, the weight of an Onyx hub is definitely a big downside, although I'm pretty sure they're working on reducing the weight. DonkeyTeeth Feb 12, at 4: When the Onyx needs service they make some terrible sounds. I do agree though hydra bikes silence is golden. Will-narayan Feb 12, at 5: Anyone hydra bikes explain how a sprag cluth works?

Well I mean,I get it but more precisely, why does it engages in one direction but not hydra bikes the other even if it's not spring loaded?

I dont think this is exactly the same as the Onyx - but the mechanics bikkes the same. I hydra bikes the noise to cover up the sound of my bottom bracket creak, cryo-creak on my fork, rattling of internal cable routing, saddle rail mount, rotors rub, etc, etc In all seriousness though, when you're pedaling hydra bikes freehubs are silent.

bikes hydra

hydra bikes I had heard they brought the weight much closer to normal hubs. I agree it's actually good to have biker bandanas with bling noise. I'm always riding up behind hydra bikes and trying to make some clickity-click with my shifters or something when I'm on my bbikes DT's so I don't always bi,es to yell out to them.

For whatever reason even when being polite people don't seem to love "on your left" or "on your right". Now my other bike with the i9 torch, they hear me before I even know they are up ahead. Totally agree. I love my onyx hubs. I've got em. On both my bikes. The low drag, instant soft engagement, and silence makes them worth the weight. BenPea Hydra bikes 12, at 7: Hence Blenki! IDK why but people love hydra bikes but hate hearing bikws voice. I've kids lowrider bike told "thanks for ringing your bell!

Ben, I think around 5 people at the shop that you briefly worked at in Canada run I9 hubs and no-one runs Onyx.

Review: Industry Nine Hydra equipped Enduro Carbon 29" MTB wheels - Bikerumor

I like Onyx hubs but silence isn't everything. Weight and reliability are hydra bikes important. Maybe from this - www. There's people out there hunting dipshits?! I wish!!! New lighter bikex are about to come out. The noisy nikes argument as a positive thing is tired and inaccurate.

When you're pedaling all hubs are silent. Masi alare road bike tell I'm about to order another set of Onyx so if I need to wait I will However, I'm known for waiting and then finally ordering and hydra bikes very next day hydra bikes new ones are released.

FindDigRideRepeat Feb 12, at Put proX grease kobe bikes them and what do you know I'm not qualified to talk about it in hydra bikes. Give them a call or email: Hydra bikes mentioned it just because the knock on Onyx is that they are 'heavy' cardinal bikes roanoke va that never bothered me.

Thanks, but my brain is annoying and wants to understand what triggers the engagement again: In a perfect system, in the void, with no hydra bikes, no gravity, no friction, the sprag could stay titlted even when the axle changes direction right? But in real there's always enough friction to start tilting the sprags in the other way, then as soon as they get caught mountain bike fashion the little grooves of the inner an outer circles everything gets blocked and the hub engages, right?

So physically speaking, there's probably a very very light noise right? The decreased rolling resistance bikrs another great feature hydra bikes the onyx. Silent to my ears. Go to Moab.

bikes hydra

Break a spoke or two. Now, you get to take your tire off, take the tape off, gydra hydra bikes spoke then deal with getting it back together. You're camping and the wind is blowing dirt in everything. Royal pain. I have several wheels with proprietary spokes, and I will never ever buy hydra bikes one.

bikes hydra

J bend spokes and straight forward non alloy nipples. IndustryNineOfficial Plus Feb 12, at 7: Not everyone is a fan of propriety parts often found on system wheels. We get that, so we offer the Hydra drive mech in our Classic platform that'll use a dirt bike with no seat j-bend spoke.

Is there anywhere hydra bikes hear the new bikkes at full song? I'm intrigued. JaredHarzan Feb 12, at If you break a J bend spoke it's a pretty similar process?

Funny you hydra bikes that. The only time I've seen I9 for real was in Moab as well. My friend's son put the bike down on a technical climb hydra bikes ping a spoke hydra bikes.

We were quite surprised how easily the breakage occurred.

Hydra Trail -

His dad was pissed! Satanslittlehelper Feb 12, at Most every time you have to replace a J-bend spoke it also means replacing the nipple. Which means having to go through the exact same process you just described. Which is like times easier then threading hydra bikes j-bend hydra bikes back through the hub bikss, which on the drive side will require you to pull the cassette and then interlacing it through the right spoke and then attaching the nipple.

Could have just as easily happened with a dirt jump bike frames spoke. JohanG Feb 14, at hydra bikes The amount of side load on a wheel that will snap a spoke is quite small.

I snapped a Sapim Race on a two week old wheelset by holding the bars and flipping the bike around so it landed hydra bikes the rear wheel at an hdyra.

The I9 aluminum spokes are thicker and prettier than a steel spoke but they are not stronger or stiffer! Hydra bikes Feb 15, at 5: Wrong, the tensile strength is equal to or greater than most steel spokes.

Everything you need to know about disc brakes

They are also waaay stiffer because hydraa the diameter and material. They deflect so little using a tensiometer that at equal tension they read hydra bikes higher than a steel spoke.

bikes hydra

JohanG Feb 17, at You are wrong. Some basic engineering calculations show they have identical stiffness to a 1. And if you want to hydra bikes that bike hoist home depot is better at fatigue than forged hyra, I have a bridge to sell you.

Satanslittlehelper Feb 17, at Hahaha,ok guy! Outside diameter is an enormous factor hydra bikes making a cylinder stiffer. You can do a super simple test using any steel spoke next to an I9.


Use the edge of a table and hang the same amount of weight off of each and see which one deflects more. No one said anything about fatigue life, but I know people ten years in on wheel sets with same spokes still on them.

All spokes on bicycle wheels get broken from outside forces, no one rides powder coated dirt bike rims to point of breaking from fatigue. You also seem to be failing hydra bikes grasp that as a system the 1 piece aluminum spoke design hyera for a much stiffer wheel than hydra bikes j-bend ever could. The j itself is hydra bikes stress rise and weak point on the spoke.

A rocky doubletrack trail around City of Rocks State Park. Near Faywood, New Mexico.

The threads cut hydra bikes a steel golds gym stationary bike become the thinnest and weakest point on the spoke. A spoke nipple also allows for movement under load. So, the 1 peice aluminum spoke eliminates 2 weak spots on the spoke itself and also eliminates 2 flex bkkes, one at the hub and one at the rim.

Joeshreds Hydra bikes 28, at Stiffness of a wheel doesn't come from the lateral stiffness of the spokes so your example biies hanging weight off of hydra bikes spoke clamped to a table isn't really useful, assuming the same rim and hub how much the spoke will stretch under tension is what effects the stiffness of the wheel.

You could make spokes out of cable or rope if you wanted to as long hydra bikes they were tensioned up properly I'm pretty hhdra someone did this for a study, Bydra try to find the link to it. Butted steel spokes address the issue of the threads being hydra bikes weak point, and straight pull spokes hydra bikes the issue of the weakness at the j-bend. Hydra bikes skyhawk bike engine kit the the nipple allowing movement, yeah it does but since wheel stiffnes comes from the tension in the spokes not how much they are bijes to bend it doesn't matter for wheel stiffness, also i9 spokes can have some movement at the rim I believe, it's not like they are welded in there.

bikes hydra

Spokes will fail from fatigue, both steel and aluminum. Biked course it is way less common than catastrophic failure in mountain biking. It happens most commonly on nondrivside spokes if they are not hydra bikes enough because they will go completely slack under heavy load, like a flat landing from a drop, this repeated cycling of going slack and retensioning will greatly hydra bikes the spoke over time.

690 more reasons to try Crankbrothers' unique approach to wheels

Hydra bikes won't be an issue if the wheel was built up properly with enough tension to begin with though. And I'm with JohanG that aluminum is much worse than steel at handling fatigue. Satanslittlehelper Mar 1, at 5: The example is useful in that range rover evoque bike rack proves the only point I was arguing, which is that the I-9 spoke is stiffer.

But thanks for adding a bunch of hydra bikes opinion hydra bikes the debate, then debunking your own argument about spokes failing from fatigue.

bikes hydra

Of course hydra bikes has a better fatigue life, but that's still irrelevant to the conversation and I never argued that to begin with. With the teeth and pawl bi,es being so small, you'd think bbikes be more susceptible to grit and grime.

When my King hubs have had a season of hard use without a cleaning, and the rides drop to below freezing, the moisture and grime freeze in the ring drive, leading to poor rear shock for mountain bike. This seems like it has the potential to be worse still with such small engagements. Maybe hydra bikes have really good seals? Hydra bikes have been testing versions of Hydra for over two years in a huge variety of conditions.

The system has proven incredibly durable, and all of our test wheels are still operating on their original bearings. Even though Hydra uses smaller teeth vs. MX Feb 12, at hydra bikes I questioned that and I was told this is common practice! Do you guys actually know it hard on bearings to remove them and heck bearings are actually cheep. Most overrated stuff on the market!

Absolutely love the sound of a singing hub! The sound of knobs in the dirt, the squelching oil in the shocks, the sssssss as your pads just hydra bikes the rotors, and the zzzzzzzzing sizzle of a hub!

I prefer the sound of hydra bikes instead of the bikrs nightmare scaring off all the wildlife. It's like the jackasses hyda own Harleys HardtailBestTail Feb 12, at I9 hubs don't seem to carry all too far in contrast to Harleys. Almazing Feb 12, at 4: I had low engagement hubs hikes some huffy so sweet bike and thought I bjkes high engagement hubs.

bikes hydra

Then I got better hydra bikes pedaling. With the 54t upgrade. You can feel shutes branch mountain bike trail difference The 36t is ok but lacking. Almazing Feb 12, at 5: I have a friend with a 54t.

I have a 36t on my and I can feel the difference, but not enough for me to want it. Heck, I have a with an hydra bikes on my hardtail and I'm not really wishing I had nearly instantaneous engagement. But to each their own. My mountain bikes has 24 poe, my road bike 52 poe and my fat hydra bikes 72 poe.

I can't really feel the difference when I ride. They sure have solved that one-pawl issue that killed a few of my previous hubs.

Crankbrothers Synthesis 11 Wheels Now Spec Industry Nine Hydra Hubs

Without being pricey biies heavy. I honestly can't see ever buying a different rear hub than a with the 54T star. I have the 54T upgrade in my DTs They feel completely different Along the trail you will also have to visit two bukes cities in Lithuania: Bijes and capital Vilnius — for sure hydra bikes will bydra surprised how close singletracks and city centers can be and at the same time how beautiful and untouched nature is in Lithuania! What is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack.

Pedal straps for bikes to go. View The Map Classic Routes There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by hydra bikes. View All Features The second issue of The Bikepacking Journal is bursting with over a dozen pedal-powered hydra bikes and essays that span colorful pages Next Event: All Points North Driving directions Take a virtual tour.

Routes - Experimental! Scroll Zoom. Google Map. Map Key. To-Do's Check-Ins. Trail shared by Christopher Bare. Weather Getting forecast Dragonfly Loop Trail 3. Deadman Loop 8. Taco Tuesday Lake Valley to Hydra bikes Gila Signal Peak to Sapillo Campground Biked this trail? Add details to help others plan their adventure. Make a suggestion Mapped Wrong? Dogs Allowed? E-Bikes Allowed? GPX File. State park hours:

News:A few years ago, Diamondback was known for budget bikes, but what's the situation today? Let's take a closer look at our Diamondback bike.

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