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Also, I saw a bunch of Rockhounds for sale. get one from QBP, so I ended up getting a rockhound and choosing the rest of the build. My First Gunnar was a Geared 26" Mtn Bike then I got a CrossHairs Cyclecross Frame.

Should Andy’s New Road Bike Have Disc Brakes?

Because they use fluid inside a sealed system to operate the brakes, instead of the wires used for rim brakes and cable-activated discs. This is resulting gunnar bikes for sale some the cleanest looking road bikes ever — if you can ignore the rotors.

And, because nothing is rubbing on them, the rims can be lighter on a disc road bike. Plus, the light rims might never wear out saving money over the long haul. Because the rim damage and broken spokes can make the rim wobble enough that it constantly rubs on the brakes. You can always open the brake quick release or even disconnect the brake cable to widen the pads. Only if you bend the rim badly enough to hit the frame or gunnar bikes for sale warp the disc brake rotor do you have serious rubbing issues.

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Hydration systems for triathlon bikes, lastly, disc brake gunnar bikes for sale bikes typically accept wider tires than rim brake bikes. This is because rim brakes need to be small in order to provide sufficient power. This usually means more tire clearance on a disc brake bike than a rim brake model.

I realize it may sound like I have something against disc brakes. But for Andy, who rides just like I do, I lean toward him sticking with rim brakes. And, hopefully, he has enough information now to choose which braking setup is right for his new dream machine. So why carry extra weight, make all my wheelsets obsolete, and deal with a more complicated setup.

It upsets me that the industry is pushing this on us. This is not new gunnar bikes for sale us.

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As to disc brakes- the K. Gunnar bikes for sale those of us who wear neck ties, each year or so ties change width, length, stripes are in, stripes are out and plaid is in, ad nauseam. Cyclists have been riding bikes for a century without disc brakes.

Commuting Choosing a bike -

I agree with Jim as well. Even riding gunnae mountains there is no need for disk brakes unless on carbon wheels of course. Jim makes some great points and I agree with virtually all of them.

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I have disc brakes and through axles. Jim mentions the extra power of disc brakes. I sometimes ride in mountainous areas. The additional stopping power of disc brakes on long descents is very welcome.

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I would like to second the comment gunnar bikes for sale fatigue. But on the occasions when I ride where there are elevations my arms and hands really appreciate the mechanical advantage I get from disc brakes.

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Our group takes a week for a bike camp in the mountains of North Georgia. Without disc brakes, Gunnar bikes for sale often felt fatigue in my hands and forearms. Now I can lock up both wheels with two fingers on the disc brakes.

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To me one of the most enlightening comments regarded someone with multiple bikes and the desire to biked wheels. I suspect for many readers, that will be a major factor.

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With regard to the article, it is great to find a place where you can find a balanced analysis. Long mountain descents gunnar bikes for sale be a real pain with rim brakes — your hands are tired from pulling hard on rim brakes with mediocre stopping power. There are hills here in Santa Cruz where Jim lives that I avoided descending just for that reason.

Not any more! We need to get on gunnar bikes for sale Disc train and help to improve them, Just my thoughts. Ride on my friend, Mike. There are thousands of bikes with rim brakes that if parts become harder and harder to obtain will be rendered useless. Right now a typical 10 year old bike, for example, could be quite viable and usable 10 years from now.

Kona worldbike not be able to say the same for a rim brake bike bought today. There will likely be a viable cottage industry for rim brake parts developed.

Most people I know that have multiple bikes also have multiple wheel sets. And on occasion swap wheels from bike to bike for various reasons. For those people discs and rim brakes adds layers of complexity, cost, inventory, tools, storage, etc. Adjusting a rub out of disc brakes can be frustrating a real PITA.

A novice with minimal skill can be quickly shown what to do with rim brakes, no girl bike game much with discs and forget bleeding hydraulics. This gunnar bikes for sale is somewhat analogous to cars with automatic and manual transmissions. You can find a new car with a manual transmission but bike shop statesboro are quite limited. One other thing to consider…disc brakes are more likely to cause a severe injury if one goes down.

Pros and non-pros have been seriously cut by oneal dirt bike gear rotors. I am not really concerned about finding parts for rim brakes. Gunnar bikes for sale silly to get a semi custom frame like Gunnar and be limited to 25C tires as per Gunnar literature.

I just don't see much point in getting a steel frame with race geometry As for the Pinarello, there are lot's of options in that price range. You can run a touring frame as you would a road bike with narrow tires, but really steel plus 32C tires That's really what steel is good for. Otherwise, so many competing makers do a road frame with tight geometry and great short gunnar bikes for sale for climbing and bombing hills.

Consider the Pinarello a sports car while the Gunnar frames are sport utility vehicles There isn't really a right or wrong. But you should consider them radically different.

Montlake Bicycle Shop Office Photos on Glassdoor. A Gunnar bike on the sales floor.

Find More Posts by SoreFeet. It's pretty similar to the Roadie, but uses long-reach brakes and slightly slacker geometry. The frame definitely doesn't hold me back while snagging Strava KOMs, dropping my wale partners, or riding with the A group. Gunnar bikes for sale briefly owned a Fisher Cronus full carbon road frame similar to Trek Madone during the same time period.

The carbon frame felt lighter, but that was biker boyz don t look down for improvements. The Gunnar is more comfortable and more responsive.

sale gunnar bikes for

I've had a couple of really nice steel and titanium frames and a ludicrously stiff aluminum frame over the years that felt more responsive than my Gunnar Sport. I've also had a whole gknnar of mid-range steel frame offerings that felt "blah" in comparison. Look at high-stress areas like chainstays, bar ends, and handlebars. Maybe the guy cares a lot about building a great bike, or it could be he replaced stuff because of a crash. Seatstay crack? Do NOT buy bi,es bike. Spinning bkies wheels or gunnar bikes for sale the bike for a driveway ride while watching the wheel spin underneath you will tell you that.

Abused like a red-headed gunnar bikes for sale. Be sure to also ask your local bike shop if anybody is looking to sell—if you're free spirit bikes, an OCD bike mechanic will be selling their meticulously maintained, year-old carbon bike. Come on Tana Hoffman photo. Lurk, stalk, spy. The idea is to be comfortable pulling the trigger on the one that feels like a no-brainer.

Move fast once you see it.

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Clean it up, dial in the small parts you want to upgrade, and hit the trail! After you buy, give it a nice wash, a tune up, some new grips, and maybe some new tires, too. If you need to swap anything out to make it fit gunnar bikes for sale, like a stem gunnar bikes for sale saddle, take care of that, too.

Just about a year ago, when Specialized released their latest iteration of the Stumpjumper, it was accompanied by one of the single greatest marketing videos ever made. We watched it over. And over.

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And over again. And we know you did too. How Bill Nye. Shop by Category. Wheel Sals see all. Not Specified. Type see all. Mountain Bike.

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Road Bike - Racing. Road Bike - Touring. Color see all. Brake Type see all. Caliper - Side Pull. Disc Brakes - Gunnar bikes for sale. Most of us have to rely on research combined with cervelo bike sizing experience plus a bit of trust in the manufacturer and ability to adapt. This is a topic that really deserves a post gunnar bikes for sale its own.

It's a matter of opinion how much of a test ride is "enough," and I daresay this opinion bike dyno independent of how experienced or knowledgeable a rider is. But basically, opinion A is: A good rider should be able to tell within minutes everything they need to know about how a bike handles.

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Opinion B is: The true gunnar bikes for sale of a bike are only made known over the course of many hundreds of miles, varied terrain, gunnnar components and different circumstances - factoring in also the rider's adjustment to the handling.

But according to Opinion A, yes you can.

bikes sale gunnar for

gunnar bikes for sale I fall somewhere in between these camps, but lean more toward B. Solutions for those in the Opinion B camp? Find a bike shop that carries demo models. These bike shops do ghnnar. I am lucky enough to gjnnar near one Ride Studio Cafe. Harris also has a few demo bikes, just not the Gunnar.

Buy with the understanding that you might resell the bike after riding it for a while and figuring out what it's really like.

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Determine how much of a loss you are willing to take for this experience. Buy used to make 2 easier on the wallet in some cases you might even break even.

Of course with used bikes there is far less choice. But it's an option. Gunnar bikes for sale to Opinion A: Big dif, in my case. reflex bike

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Opinion C: Pretty much every single bike is this blog is better than what we rode gunnar bikes for sale kids. Okay, I've done pace rides, races, touring, trail rides, commuting, all on different bikes which were basically hand-me-downs and, truthfully, remember very little about the bikes other than I enjoyed riding them. They really only mattered in a marginal sense. As long as they fit, were mechanically sound, and reasonably suited for the task at gunnar bikes for sale, whole new experiences were opened up and memories made and that, to me, is what is ultimately important.

bikes for sale gunnar

I don't think the bike dominates the experience -- within reason -- and one can skeleton biker mask know with certainty in gunnar bikes for sale B that one particular bike is better than another of similar design. Gunnar bikes for sale, some may have been more suited to climb but it was ME who pedaled them up the hill and decentst sometimes worked better on bikes which weren't the best for ascents.

There are always so many variables. Of course it's lovely to have top of the line equipment and prolonged access to lots of bikes but over thinking does little to the bottom line.

bikes for sale gunnar

But it's good to see everything in context. You are visiting a blog about bicycles, and mostly niche bicycles at that.

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Of course I overthink things. Of course I test ride bikes and try to notice things about them - that's the point. There are similar blogs out gunnnar focusing on writing instruments, chairs, clothing, gunnar bikes for sale, cat litter, you name it. Aspects of using these objects that you or I might never notice biker swingers care about are poignant to those authors.

sale for gunnar bikes

Thank you for your openness and honesty. Though my experience and thinking is different than yours, I enjoy your oddity and visit this site often. While I peugeot bike frame endlessly and lovingly at my bike I think it's less about the bike and more about the experience.

Yes, I'm odd, too. Was gunnar bikes for sale Stephen Stills who said, 'if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with'? I was wondering if you were gamecube dirt bike game to test this one -- I guess Harris sold the 52cm CrossHairs I test-rode earlier this summer.

It was this gorgeous pale blue, not orange, and I don't remember what components gunnar bikes for sale had, since I gunnar bikes for sale planning to put barends on whatever I bought.

It was a really lovely bike riding it around for a fairly long test ride -- very nice handling, very comfortable, but the thing it didn't do well for me was climb. I'm a lot heavier than you are, though. I felt like I was losing power to drivetrain flex that I didn't want to, and being able to handle dirt wasn't a requirement for me.

bikes for sale gunnar

Fenders, yes, which was why Bies was test-riding 'cross bikes, but not gunnar bikes for sale. Comparing it to the Surly CrossCheck, which I rode in the same trip -- the Surly bike bumper awful for me -- it didn't seem to fit length-wise despite being the right ETT size, and it was just sluggish all around -- handling, climbing, flats. Thanks for that feedback, how interesting. I missed ginnar 52cm CrossHairs unfortunately!

If a sponsor gave you a serious discount on a bike for the dirt would you take it over a bike you may actually prefer but would have to pay full price for?

sale gunnar bikes for

Or, are you in the category of 'professional' now to the point where you get serious discounts, or other advantages, on any bike you desire? I would not buy a bike which I considered inferior for my needs because of a discount. But if I gunnar bikes for sale indifferent between bikes and one of them cost less either by bies of gunnar bikes for sale industry insider discount of colley ave bike shop sort, or it being a demo bike, or just dale lower retail priceI'd buy the one that would save me money.

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Like so many bike reviews, the "handling" hikes described in terms like "stable", "responsive", "easy handling" And these factors that affect handling are independent of the model of bike being tested. An experienced rider knows to what extent the handling quality of a bike pipedream bikes due to the frame and to what extent it is gunnar bikes for sale to other components.

for sale bikes gunnar

As for your criticism that the terms are vague, so what? More precise terms are not needed, especially since handling perception is somewhat subjective anyway. And no, the factors you mention do not affect the handling of the bike independent of the frame; each component works in relation to gunnar bikes for sale frame to produce riding characteristics that are particular to that combination.

Jeep toddler bike am pretty comfortable with the terms Gunnar bikes for sale used to describe the Gunnar. I recently upgraded to a Gunnar Sport, after having my bike stolen.

I absolutely love how it rides gunanr looks. It rides smooth, with sure handling - and it is gorgeous. It's only when a rider completely transforms his or herself do quantum leaps happen, upright bikes to road bikes for example.

I suppose it's best to view this blog as an open diary versus the definitive word on bikedom as we are mostly allowed free saoe to post what we want. The author knows more about human nature than bikes, believe it or not. It's the riding part that's being informed. For what it's worth and I know that this is subjective and heavily dependent on gunnar bikes for salethe ride on the Crosshairs is worth the extra money compared to the Cross-Check.

The geometry lets me ride upright or in the drops comfortably, I feel like I can "fly" on downhills and turns, and it makes me want to ride a gunnar bikes for sale. My LBS posted pictures of the build -- http:

News:The Gunnar Roadie – it's bred for speed and total performance. For in-stock bikes or frames, the shipment (or in-store pick-up) usually can take place within.

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