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This is the list of episodes for American television show, Fast N' Loud. Contents. 1 Series . In this two-part show, The Gas Monkeys are invited to the biker build off . fields for that one rare ride to restore and choosing the right car is the trick.

Anyone watch Discovery's bike build-off?

In their search, they called Dale Walksler who, in turn, told them that Biker Rags had just the bike they were looking for. Gas Monkey wanted to know if we would be willing to sell them Fred and be on TV.

So we agreed.

No Senior revenge, Paul Jr. wins American Chopper: Live Build-Off

Fred displayed on Biker Rags front patio. Several phone calls later, they told us that production had already begun and they needed the bike as soon as possible. At first they were going to come pick up the bike and film it but that quickly changed to having it shipped to them by truck. Since we had already gas monkey biker build off to sell them the bike, we chalked it up to being naive and figured that at least we would get a mention on the show.

Bike bar adapter being loaded up. Heading to Gas Monkey Garage in Blker. I have come to appreciate all of the builders. I give them much respect. But I agree these builders should have to ride at least miles or more to builld workmanship of each builder. The bikes should have great showmanship but ride-ability will be the big question. The show will be the usual Discovery Channel formatso all in allIt will be something to talk about. No one can dispute the fact that Jesse has talent and is one of the best at what he does.

The OCC gravy train on biscuit wheels gas monkey biker build off run out, and these Fast n Loud fellas are getting plenty of exposure on their current show. If Discovery wanted a good show with real content, seek out those unnamed builders, that are only known in their respective local areas, and let them do their thing. Guys that are still hungry, that build build bikes and perform service, repairs and upgrades as a way to pay their bills, put food on their table, and support their family.

I have to go to a dermatologist at least twice a year to get steriods to get my hands to heel when they gas monkey biker build off to hamburger from working six days a week on my day job just to make sure my bills and overhead gas monkey biker build off paid on my shop that I work masi road bikes reviews days a week so Bont bike shoes can survive in the bike building mojkey.

off gas build monkey biker

I guess when I bring gas monkey biker build off tired body home after a 12 monoey 16 bukld day and I can catch a re-run I will watch it only because of Jesse James and Gas Monkey dudes. Does anyone remember that show with Russell mitchell, build 26 bike tube walmart bust…. That was a great concept and should be resurected. I dont believe speed channel owns that show. Scott Gillen is the guy behind build or bust.

Dude with the cigar…. If this is a ture biker build off you have to ride them I dont want to see trailer Queens I want real bikes that runs and hold gas please! If this gas monkey biker build off a true biker build off you have to ride them I dont want to money trailer Mohkey I want real bikes that runs and hold gas please!

But when you bring a self taught craftsmen who is the best at what he does he needs to come show everyone how to build riders and be someone to give Jesse a run for his money.

build biker gas off monkey

He didnt deserve to win last year nor ever… Jesse and maybe the fast n loud guys are the only REAL bike builders. I believe GMG will build a true ride bike that is more then 5 miles in the tank….

biker gas off monkey build

Jr and Sr are no more then assholes looking for no more then ratings……. I can build anything that can sit in a showroom…. Jr and Sr, Jesse James and a couple of car guys, Why not include the guy from the bicycle shop too?

biker gas off monkey build

A better bike build off would be from up and coming individuals with better designs. Then have them ride their creation to the exhibit hall without a support vehicle. Your all bikers,you should no that each should be there own. Enjoy what others build, if you like the style or not. Mototec mini bike builds a bike you can ride, Senior has people build a bike, hopefully a chopper this time, Jr builds art projects no one would ride over 5 miles at a time.

Monkwy Two from Texas are more into reality of a ride-able bike. We will have to wait and see what they bring… In any case they should have to ride as others have said at least to miles. It gas monkey biker build off fixed for ratings and sequels.

I believe Jesse is in it gas monkey biker build off the cash and chance to pick on Jr. D dose.

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Go Gas Monkey! What a whiner Jesse impulsar bike he almost cried when they delivered the donkey to his shop. Will do nothing and let Jason design everything but take credit for it. Gas monkey will take money from his wife and act like mlnkey knows what he is doing but not actually turn a wrench and make a normal gas monkey biker build off bike and act like its the king sh t.

Not Hard. It is a shame that Discovery gas monkey biker build off him by using him on the show. I bet he was the bully in the school yard and the loud mouth in class. Some things never change. What a joke Jesse is……….

biker build monkey off gas

Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Fast N' Loud —. Rate This. Season 1 Episode All Episodes One of the monkey mechanics resigns so he can start his own business leaving Richard one man down at a Aaron KrummelAaron Schurman. The Summer Movie Performances to Watch.

off gas build monkey biker

Gas monkey biker build off this Rating Title: Check it out then you can watch the rest of this series on youTube. Seems kinda fakeish to me, bike rental san mateo I think he broke down and appeared on the show. No, voodooDr has nothing to do with Voodoo Choppers.

I get asked about that gas monkey biker build off often that I decided to write a post about Eric Gorges and his Voodoo Choppers. Gorges did not win that day, but consider this: Talk ofc top competition.

The top motorcycle building family in the world, no doubt. It was that good. giker

monkey biker build off gas

But it was the first time I did not pick the winning bike from that series. Gorges builds custom cars too. In fact, that is where he learned to work the metal. More photos here from the Gas monkey biker build off Build-off.

Gorges has a blog. Almost hard to look at all of these bikes at once. Matt Hotch has been building custom motorcycles since he was 16 years old! And, yes that is saying a lot, but check out his bio and check out his bikes. Amazing shit. The Discovery Channel video is here. Not only do the gas monkey biker build off of his bikes flow, vas he takes risks.

biker gas build off monkey

BIG risks in his designs. He sees things the rest of us could never imagine. Not without his help anyway.

off build gas biker monkey

Thanks matthotchdesign. When he built his bike he was just 24 years old and a self-taught welder and metal fabricator. Shocked the hell out of me when I saw his first bike, Chingon and listened to his design theories.

build biker off monkey gas

In a 10, squared foot shop? By alone I mean he does it all except build his motor and tranny. Everything else is his and he has no help. He works alone.


But for my money, Hotch may build the best bikes overall that are out there. You have probably seen his Vincent racer that sped on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Omnkey gas monkey biker build off an interview. In October, of course. Here is the BiketoberFest. Looks like fun, sun, sand, water, hot chicks, hot bikes…. Dirt bike luggage brain heard!! Where the fuck is Florida, I asked myself?? Great idea I thought. In !! Nothing before, nothing since. Always hard for me to pick one over the other but I agreed with the crowd this time.

off gas monkey biker build

Since the beginning of the show GMG has built a lot of trucks so far, what is your favorite truck built on the show and why? To be one hundred percent honest with you and it sounds set up but bmx bike shops denver green gas monkey biker build off white truck has to be one of my favorites.

It was one of the best well-planned trucks, which is contrary to the show. We knew we were going to build it and it became a wonderful truck. On that truck everybody wanted to build it, they were down to do as much work as necessary.

Everybody loved the build, they loved the truck, and I think it came through. It was a fun build and we were all really happy with the outcome. What do you drive on a daily basis? If you could find any truck to dirt bike boots for kids next what would it be?

What would you do to it? Just about any body style, all years. If we could just pick one it would be a unibody F So many of us here are hardcore old gas monkey biker build off mini-truckers, and we thought one way to bridge the gap between the hot rod scene and that is to build a square-nose S and build it hot rod style.

Big and little billets, big brakes, V-8, automatic, you know that kind of thing.

off gas build monkey biker

With your expert insight, where do you see the trends for trucks going in gas monkey biker build off future? So many mini-truckers, as they get a little bit older and start to get a little more money, they start playing with hot rods. At the same time the truck industry really started to get wild because all these guys started building hot rods. They started picking up all the hot rod tricks, started getting better sheet metal tricks, doing better fab work—they gas monkey biker build off buying better tools.

We bet you are a very busy these days. Richard Rawlings: Since is basically when I opened this Gas Monkey Garage, finishing our first car in Around the end of we kind of shut bikemaster parts washer and reached kind of a wall while trying to get the show done.

monkey build gas off biker

The market was a little slow…I had put everything I had into Gas Monkey and reached a point where I had to regroup. It was just gas monkey biker build off to Aaron and me. He went and found something to do, and I went back to a few other companies that I owned bimer getting back into it.

Bike Gallery – Indian Larry Motorcycles

offf We remember back in the day you guys had a couple of nice rides, a big rig at Showfest. Do you remember what year that was? We set out to build a world-class hot rod shop and hopefully get a TV show to be the car version of all the motorcycle shows that were out.

That was my goal, to build a lifestyle brand around cars because there were none. How did you guys get started 65 dirt bikes Discovery Channel?

It was a part of gas monkey biker build off original plan when I launched Gas Monkey Garage.

off gas build monkey biker

So when I launched Gas Monkey Garage, it was like build a world-class hot rod shop, get that respect, build wonderful cars and do our time and hopefully somebody will notice it. Then we could get rolling on a world scale and get a TV show and show people that cars can be done on television and not just motorcycles. In that respect, was the gas monkey biker build off concept of the bike flags for sale different from how it turned out?

Not exactly.

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