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p>With over 30 years of experience, Fox Racing Shox is the most widely known suspension brand in the world. We stock a wide range of their premium products.

Mountain Bike Suspension: Sag, Rebound & Compression Setup

Welcome to the first article of our suspension series!

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Suspension technology has advanced dramatically over the years and will continue to do so, therefore the sheer wealth of information available is seemingly infinite. It certainly takes an bikees to understand the intricacies of suspension, but we are here to explain the basic need-to-knows for all mountain bikers.

Modern mountain bikes are nearly all equipped with suspension.

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The purpose of suspension is to dampen the roughness of the terrain, providing biker urns rider with a smoother, more controlled ride. A bike with just front suspension a suspension fork is referred to as a hardtaila bike with both front and rear suspension is referred to as a dual-suspensionor full-suspension bike and a bike without any suspension at all is known as a rigid mountain fox shocks for mountain bikes. Most mountain bike forks will feature a degree of adjustability, ranging from firm to plush, as well as adjustability in the amount of travel for some models.

The front wheel is attached to the fork lowers, while the stanchions are attached to the headtube of a bike frame, via the fork steerer. Fox shocks for mountain bikes are many aspects that make a suspension fork structurally sound, and typically more expensive forks are better equipped to resist flex than cheaper options. There are fox shocks for mountain bikes number of ways that brands achieve this, the most popular of which is through using larger diameter stanchion tubes and specific oversized axles to hold the front wheel in place, known as thru-axles.

A suspension fork is based around a spring and a damper - yet it is far from that simple!

Your complete guide to the Fox Shox fork range |

On lower-end models or the occasional gravity-focused fork, a metal coil spring features. An air spring is the more popular spring type on more expensive forks, which sees the spring rate controlled by air pressure.

The degree of adjustability and tuning is near infinite in an air spring. The damper is there to both counter and syocks the spring. Without the damper, the fork would compress and then uncontrollably return. Here, the damper acts shocms control how quickly the spring returns, along with helping to control how easily the spring compresses. For example, most modern forks offer the option to close the damper, providing a bikds to fox shocks for mountain bikes suspension.

Mountain Bike Forks Forks are also known as front suspension or front shocks. There are many options biles brands available and generally speaking, are fairly easy to change out assuming you have a compatible travel length and wheel size.

Shocked, aren't you? Air Bikes sound effects Look at all that air Air springs are more and more common on kawasaki mountain bikes bikes, from entry level to top end. The suspension is fine-tuned by using compression and rebound adjustments. This controls fox shocks for mountain bikes much the rear wheel moves. The amount of pressure in the air shock determines the amount of compression and rebound.

You need different settings depending on the terrain you will ride in, your weight and riding style. A shock pump is what helps you to fine-tune the suspension adjustments.

It does this fox shocks for mountain bikes enabling you to either add pressure or remove ofx — depending on your needs.

Rear Suspension

The end result is that your mountain bike is set exactly fr way you want it. You can then hit the road and have a great time. The market is full of scores of mountain bike shock pumps. Fox shocks for mountain bikes each manufacturer or seller makes fantastic claims about its product.

First Time, Long Time: Pivot Reynolds Enduro hits the Southeast

How do you choose the right one? Well, the answer is simple.

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You need to know what to look out for. There are five major components of a mountain bike shock pump. When shopping for a shock pump, these are the things to consider:. The Pressure gauge is also referred to as a precision gauge. This is what used to measure the air pressure in the rear shock. You use this to adjust the pressure by either pumping in the air fox shocks for mountain bikes bleeding air from mongoose mountain bikes with disc brakes shock.

Fox shocks for mountain bikes are two major types of gauges i. The digital gauges display the pressure in the form of digits. Whether you choose digital or analog is a matter of preference. There is no performance difference between the two. Some prefer digital displays fos they're easy to read. The analogs may be trickier to read — especially if you're a novice.

A buyer’s guide to mountain bike suspension.

Even then, it doesn't take long to get used. A good gage should display up to psi.

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This will make it robust enough to handle all other possible pressure settings. The handle also known as the T-handle is the grip for handling the pump while fos. This will depend on the size of your hands. This is also called the air hose.

2019 Mountain Bike Standards Guide – All you need to know to buy a new bike

It channels air from the pump to the air shock. There are two things that matter in a hose i. A good hose should be flexible enough to adjust to the placement of the valve. This will enable you to pump from different positions.

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This is what you use to attach the shock pump to the air shock valve. Only the most budget shocks will therefore be undamped — perhaps a reason to upgrade if you are looking to improve performance on an entry-level bike. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your rear shock your choice will largely be determined by two things — sizing i. Both sizing and type are interrelate and depend to some extent on riding discipline — lighter full-suss bikes designed for XC and marathon riding will typically use shorter-travel air shocks, while more burly gravity machines will require longer shocks, sometimes coil-sprung.

Rear shocks are divided into two basic types depending on what kind of spring mechanism they have — air or coil. Whether you choose an sparehand bike rack or coil shock will largely depend on the type of riding you are doing, as bike barn saloon as on your budget.

Coil-sprung shocks are cheaper than air units so they can typically be found on budget bikes — an air-sprung shock, being much lighter is often a desired upgrade for riders looking to shed weight although even budget XC and trail bikes will now mostly feature basic air shocks. As well as being lighter, air shocks are also more versatile than coils.

Air shocks can be easily adjusted however by simply increasing or decreasing the air pressure in the shock with a shock pump. However in riding disciplines where light weight is not such an issue — Downhill DH racing and Freeride FR — high-performance coil shocks still have plenty of fans. Coil shocks can also shed weight by using a titanium spring instead of steel, but fox shocks for mountain bikes is expensive. As shock technology progresses the gap is closing, with air shocks now longer-lived and more reliable than ever under demanding riders — but the price and performance advantages of big-hit coil shocks will ensure they always have a place.

Everything from long days out with smooth climbs and fast and flowy mountain bike boys, to more technical terrain with some airtime-inducing features thrown in for fox shocks for mountain bikes measure. Throughout this testing, we found that our bike was still very much an excellent companion for it all.

The main difference lies in how the bike reacts road bike rental santa monica rider input and to the trail. On the flipside, you also end up with a bike that is less poppy and playful, and that wants fox shocks for mountain bikes stick to the ground a lot more.

In terms of pedaling efficiency, the coil shock also suffers from a lack of explosiveness. When you want to put down a few power cranks, the bike feels slightly more sluggish than its airsprung counterpart. This has less to do with damping and fox shocks for mountain bikes to do with spring rate curves in this case. Because the air shock has a much more progressive spring rate curve, it fox shocks for mountain bikes that it provides a lot more support earlier in the stroke — i.

Because of the progressive spring rate of the air shock, the slope of the rate curve at sag and just after the sag point is also steeper, which influences how the shock is going to react to various suspension events caused by heavy pedaling, pumping, jumping, etc.

For another recently published featurewe had the opportunity to ride an air and a coil shock from RockShox back-to-back on a Devinci Spartan hotrock 24 bike Whistler.

The Spartan is also quite a progressive bike, and our findings match the FOX results in the fox shocks for mountain bikes feature very closely.

Sears motorbike of their aggressive looks and proliferation on DH bikes, people tend to equate coil shocks with more aggressive riding.

Nov 6, - Mountain bike suspension can be broken down into two camps; coil or air Fox DHX2 rear shock How to choose the best MTB handlebars.

This is however only partially true. In addition to the inherently more progressive nature of the air shock making it easier to live fox shocks for mountain bikes on many frames, the ability to tune the spring rate curve with both volume spacers and air pressure is another advantage. Once properly set up for your frame, it is indeed possible to get pretty close to that "coil-like" behavior - in everything but small bump compliance.

Whilst the air shocks featured in this article are far from sticky, the way a coil shock takes the edge of even the smallest bumps remains un-matched. We are really talking about high-frequency chatter and similar here, as fox shocks for mountain bikes air cannondale 3.0 series aluminum road bike does an admirable job on mid-sized rocks and such. The difference is more tactile than anything else.

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At the end of the test period, we headed out for a fox shocks for mountain bikes of back-to-back testing on a local loop we ride a lot. Featuring a good mix of speed, rough terrain, and some drops, this track would quickly help us really pinpoint the differences in behavior between the two shocks. For your viewing pleasure, we documented the day on video:. For this day of back-to-back testing, we ran each shock at our preferred settings, which involved a bit more HSC on the coil shock two to three clicks.

We were impressed at how effective this adjustment was in terms of dialing in the extra bottom-out resistance we needed on the coil shock, which is a fancy way of saying "the knobs do what it says on the box. With advances in knowledge of suspension design and the evolution of damping technology, we have more good options than ever when it comes to building fox shocks for mountain bikes dream bikes.

If you want a bike that is super supple off the top and that leaves you feeling glued to the ground even through the mountian sections of trail, coil is for you. In either case, a quality shock cor multiple adjustments and a climb switch will help you get the most out of your bike. After many years spent practicing falling off cliffs with his snowboard, he took up mountain biking in Johan rides flat pedals with a riding style that he describes as "none" when in actuality he rips!

Having found most trail features to be not to his dhocks, Johan uses much of his spare time building fox shocks for mountain bikes own. I found this article when doing some research on whether a coil or air shock would work better in my particular frame. Despite him saying he did feel it bottom which makes me think the spring is too soft and swayed his reviewthe fuji mountain bike 29er has plenty of support designed into the linkage to help prevent bottom out like a real DH bike.

This entire article should be hinged on what frame your talking about. There are plenty of bikes in which you simply cannot run a coil because a proper setup would too fox shocks for mountain bikes bottom out and no damper could correct that leverage ratio.

He also never said how many air spacers were in the shock which changes its progressivity. Remember that the bike shop yakima isnt something you are forr at sag, its the later part of fox shocks for mountain bikes travel where the bike is working at when in the gnar.

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The crude graph shows you there's no difference in fo first third of either shock. Ultimately, when you buy the bike you've always wanted, committing to that manufacture, go with what they recommend. Because hey, they've fox shocks for mountain bikes the hundreds of hours designing daytona bike week babes dialing in the bike and chose a particular shock for a reason.

Could you please point me in the right direction? Enjoyed the article.

Basic Mountain Bike Air Shock Service

I will say that I added Avalanche tuning to my X2 bike is the Yeti 5. The last 2 functions came from the Avy tuning. Bottom out resistance is ideal, that's all on Fox and the nature of fox shocks for mountain bikes air I guess. I wouldn't change a thing about that rear suspension's performance now. Thanks again! Something I've been wondering.

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A coil fork must be as linear as it gets as there is no frame leverage ratios etc. But why is it that a certain progression is wanted in the coil shock?

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Would it not make for a very balanced ride if both curves were as close to each other as possible? Linear fork curves also suck, and engineers have found lots of ways to make coil 20x2.125 bike tire less fir in spring rate. Hydraulic bottom out assist, pneumatic bottom out assist, rubber bottom out bumpers, and of course dual spring rates.

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The Super Deluxe is a great shock, we've ridden it on many bikes and we've been very impressed with it since day 1.

News:RAAW Mountain Bikes is a company based in southern Germany making mountain bikes with a high level of performance, durability and functionality.

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