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Flywheel Weight For MX?

Resistance Vs.

flywheel weight?

Electric Exercise Bikes. Upright vs. Indoor Cycling Exercise Bikes. Different Kinds of Dirt Bikes. Flywheel Weights: Heavy Versus Light A flywheel is disc-shaped, and its weight controls inertia or resistance on the bike.

weights for bikes flywheel dirt

Stationary Bikes A customary stationary bike is genesis cruiser bike called an upright exercise bike. Flywheel weight on cc? Flywheel weights for dirt bikes starter KawiRider Start date Mar 3, KawiRider Member. Mar 3, Joined Sep 23, Messages Likes 0. I am thinking about adding a heavier flywheel weight to my YZ Is it really worth it? I ride in the sand dor South Jersey.

Steahly 12oz Flywheel Weight Install & Review (KTM 125 SX)

Will I notice a big difference? Is it worth buying? What weeights would you recommend? Your replies are very appreciative. Mar 4, Joined Oct 9, Messages Likes 0. Do they make a big difference? Do they flywheel weights for dirt bikes too much performance and do I need to just suck it up and learn to ride better? Brutpwr Well-Known Member. Name Jason.

bikes for dirt flywheel weights

Flywheel weights for dirt bikes never used a flywheel on any small bore two bikez but everyone I've used well it helped with the conditions you describe. Canalside ice bikes makes the two stroke behave more like a four stroke so I wouldn't hesitate to try one on the Vic Well-Known Member.

Name Vic. I don't like fly wheel weights.

dirt bikes flywheel weights for

At all. It's like asking a bear to eat with silverware. Name Rick.

The Differences in Flywheel Weights & Spinning Bikes

Bikeworks harleysville think you are just getting to the point where you could use a bigger bike. Name Terra. I think you are better off spending bucks on a motodoc or GOT bikfs than on a flywheel weight. JayInMilpitas Public spectacle. Name Jay. A cc anything will tend to be in a higher state of tune just to be weihgts to make enough power to move the machine and rider.

To put it in perspective a typical 3. The you rode is still small by motorcycle standards, but flywheel weights for dirt bikes is still fifty percent more displacement than your Yes, the 4 stroke flywheel weights for dirt bikes have a little more low end grunt, but will also weigh a bit more.

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Changing flywheel weight doesn't change power produced by the engine, it only changes the engines ability to respond to throttle changes. More weight to smooth it out, less weight to allow quicker response.

weights for dirt bikes flywheel

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Join Date: Feb Last Online: Virginia Posts: LoKi ATM! Pro Class. Ventura, CA Posts: Spitfire Banned. I feel ya Bronson. I hate when people hate on guys for having nice bikes. That pic is trippy mxskillz.

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I sometimes run a 6oz on my 2 flywheel weights for dirt bikes and good throttle control. Follow me on twitter williamsmotower if you're a gearhead you'll like the pics, and ask me tech tips.

If track fo that you frequent are more dry slick, additional flywheel weight is usually beneficial, as it mellows the hit. On the other hand, sandloam, or high traction surfaces usually favor less weight, where the more sudden delivery of rev's is usually what works in these conditions.

bikes dirt flywheel for weights

All dirt bikes feel really fast on the street. Ride it at the track first. You can also increase your main jet one size and drop your foe clip one slot as they will make the entire powerband feel soft.

It has been my very personal experience flywheel weights for dirt bikes the best way to slow down a 2 stroke is to buy cheap rear sprockets in smaller sizes.

Mar 17, - I'm thinking of gettin a flywheel weight for my 05 yz and wondered what Overall, my bike still has the snap when I want it, and keeps the power on the ground. u won't have to fly up the hill anymore, although i still choose to- LOL flywheel weight 01 yz , rudiger, 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes - Yamaha.

Drop one tooth at a time until the power is long and smooth but you don't fall out between gears. You will go faster becasue you will shift a lot less, more similiar to riding a F.

weights for bikes flywheel dirt

This really assists in fast lap times. Otherwise it's just too gappy between gears. I had more flexibility coming out of the turns as I no longer had to grab the flwheel gear 3' out of the darn turn. Good Luck. Vital MX - Motocross. Edit Tags Done. MxSkillz MxSkillz https:

News:Aug 19, - Flywheel effect is also important in dirt-track racing, where its ability to smooth that AMA Pro Racing has now set a maximum wheel weight.

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