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Nov 6, - ATV Reflex on the Xbox , racing and riding fans have been doing For game modes you can choose to do a single race, local and online.

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For each type of race bike, land, or waterthe vehicle types available will vary. For more details about each race type and mode see their brief descriptions below.

360 dirt bike game xbox

Bike races can consist of bicycles, streetbikes, or motorcross bikes and ATVs, depending on the circuit chosen. Bicycle races can cut through back alleys and parking lots, streetbike races usually take place on the roadways, and motorcross events of course take the racing off the beaten path.

bike 360 dirt game xbox

There are also certain events that mix types, letting the player choose a dirtbike for a primarily streetbike focused event. Of course I am! What made MCM2 so special was the huge online community around it, with hundreds of dirt bike game xbox 360 players making new tracks, objects, and bike and rider skins every day, and thousands racing multiplayer on all djrt custom new tracks.

game 360 bike dirt xbox

Latest Features. Results Archive.

360 game dirt bike xbox

Full Results. MXGP of.

game dirt 360 bike xbox

Full Schedule. Home Words Words: I created this list using the following rules to help me choose the top ten: Fun Factor: How much fun I had playing the game.

bike 360 dirt game xbox

What the game meant to me and how it impacted future MX games. Hours Played: How much time I spent playing the game. What the game did better or worse than others, or sickler bikes to the experience.

game xbox bike 360 dirt

How good the game looked, mostly against other games from the same time frame. Played It: April 1, Platform: Mad Skills Motocross 2 Released: February 20, Platform: All this publication's reviews Read full review.

bike 360 xbox dirt game

Supercross was unexpectedly fun, and for fans of MX Supercross it seems like a no-brainer. The amount of gameplay and unlockable content is good, but it is hard to drive your way through all of the necessary tracks without getting a bit bored.

xbox dirt 360 game bike

It doesn't take the series any step further, and pretty much everything in it is mediocre. The legacy of "Alive" and "Reflex" is not represented in this attempt that should have probably been a digital only release.

Game Revolution.

xbox dirt bike 360 game

Ugly, limited and significantly worse than previous games in the series. All this publication's reviews. User Reviews. Write a Review.

360 game xbox dirt bike

Dirt Bike rider and Game enthusiast. When I xboc that THQ was closing down after Alive, I thought 'good, they deserve it after butchering an awesome game'.

360 game dirt bike xbox

Also cheesed because I bought it under the impression that there would be heaps of add-ons which never came rirt closure. So when I heard it was being bought back, I was a little sceptical.

bike 360 dirt game xbox

After reading they would be going back to some of the Reflex days more, I got a dirt bike game xbox 360 more excited. Racing split screen with my mates on this game had been some of the best racing I had ever had. So, after hearing they would be using real tracks and real bikes - even more excited.

xbox game 360 bike dirt

When the game first came out and I jumped on, I was initially very displeased. The bike couldn't be whipped and movement in the air and on the track seemed impossible. It just seemed, bland and boring.

xbox dirt 360 game bike

However, after realising the controls were a little different hello clutch button dirt bike game xbox 360 right stick pump option and the difficulty levels and bikes ridden all made ibke difference, it all got better from there. I am having soooomuch fund riding against mates on my YZ, A few negatives: Why not?

360 xbox bike dirt game

Cannot just change tracks or hit restart, you need to set supercross, vehicle types etc. Apart from these finicky things, definitely best of the franchise.

xbox game 360 bike dirt

Dirt bike game xbox 360 in April, the free Easter Event will run for two weeks and introduce themed customization items for a limited time, including an Easter Bunny outfit. Furthermore, players will have a chance to earn a themed helmet by completing a special Ubisoft Club Weekly Challenge: This April, Sixty Six — the first expansion — arrives, so stay tuned for more info.

game 360 bike dirt xbox

Sixty Six is included in the Expansion Pass, and will also be available for standalone purchase. For more on Trials Rising, check out our previous coverage.

xbox dirt bike 360 game

News:Nov 5, - ATV Supercross game, as well as several of the games on this countdown. But beyond his Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox , PC. Probably.

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