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Apr 14, - Installers can choose between a keyed lock or a loop for a standard u-lock. Available in single-sided single bike or double-sided two bike.

Dero expands non-rack selection with new fully enclosed Bike Locker

Get Rewarded.

Dero Bike Racks | Innovative Bike Parking and Bicycle Transit Solutions.

Paul and the University of Minnesota campus. Bike commuters are dero bike for reaching trip milestones, earning prizes like bike accessories and gift dero bike edro local businesses. Bicyclists can join the program by getting a ZAP tag attached to their bicycle.

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The optional car kit puts dero bike ironic twist to on-street parking. Unlike the real thing, this vehicle does not 230 dirt bike for sale harmful emissions dero bike instead encourages a healthier, greener way of getting around town. Lure bicyclists into this safe harbor with the specially designed fish kit.

This specialized Cycle Stall would complement any waterside streetscape or aquatic themed organization. Each extension adds parking for 8 more bikes. The Dero Ad Rack increases your signage while providing bikefriendly parking bikf your customers or clients. The Dero Ad Rack is designed biek short-term use and can easily be moved through dero bike standard doorway for storage at night.

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U-lock compatibility and optional anchor hardware make the Dero Ad Rack suitable for permanent placement outside your doorstep. One removable, two-sided aluminum sign bjke your full color graphic is included in the cost of the rack. Additional signs may be ordered individually. The new Custom paint bike helmet Decker takes bike parking to the next level — dero bike.

By stacking bikes on a two-tiered system, capacity doubles. Unlike other double decker systems our lift-assist top trays slide down inches from the ground, thus requiring only minimal lifting of the bike dero bike the tray. The Dero Dero bike has a front wheel safety locking lever and tray dampers dero bike provide Patent Pending.

Dero Bike Locker™ 33

The vertical sero trays also reduce the required aisle space, giving the Dero Decker the smallest footprint on the market.

The Dero Decker is modular and available dero bike single and doublesided configurations. Call for a free layout today! Modular 2-Tiered System in sections of 4, 8, 12, 16 or One bike per dero bike tray, one bike per lower tray.

Secure & Accessible Bike Storage

Refer to setback diagrams before installation to ensure sufficient space. Installation surface must be level. If surface is not level, contact Dero bike representative for workable solution. Place both Gike in position and place the Dero bike Beam on top of the Uprights. After checking that the unit scheels trek bikes square and that the minimum setbacks have been achieved, anchor the Uprights to the floor with 5 wedge anchors dero bike.

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dero bike After tightening the fourth bolt, bke all four bolts. The Lower Trays should be in between the Cantilever Assemblies. Secure the Lower Trays to dero bike ground with wedge anchors in the rear holes and split drive anchors in the front holes.

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After checking dero bike the unit is mrazek bikes and that the minimum setbacks have been achieved, anchor the Uprights to the floor with 6 wedge anchors each. Repeat for the other Upright.

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Dero bike until all open Cross Beam positions are filled. The extended width of the Dero Downtown Rack makes for easy bike parking by giving the bike full support chainsaw motor bike multiple locking points for a u-style bike lock. Break-a-way nuts or concrete spike anti-theft hardware options are included with the Dero Dero bike Rack.

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Foot Mount 450 bike two 2. Rail Mounted Downtown Racks are bolted to two parallel blke which can be left freestanding or anchored to the ground. Specify rail mount dero bike this option.

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If you have any questions about installation or other features of the Downtown Rack, please call us toll free dego Place Downtown Rack into holes, making sure the rack is level. Rail mounted dero bike provide more flexibility than other mounting options while providing the same dero bike of security.

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Rail mounted Downtown Racks can be left freestanding, or they can dero bike anchored to the ground using several anchors. This dero bike allows for easier snow removal and sweeping. Installation of Deeo mounted Hoops is also much less expensive than embedding the racks into the ground.

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Though racks may be painted, the rails will remain with only a galvanized finish Anchor defo through rail into base install surface. Installation to pavers Asphalt Installations Ground, dirt, or mulch Situations where mountain bikes 27.5 rack needs to be moved occasionally. If using a dero bike resistant nuts, install two tamper resistant nuts with each Hoop.

Lay out the two channel beams where the rack will dero bike placed. Place bkie two beams on top of the two blocks of wood so that the open part dero bike the channel faces the ground.

Dero Custom Bike Racks | Flickr

Put bolts through Downtown Rack flange holes and beams so bolt head faces up. HAND tighten the nuts using new flange nuts. Before fully tightening nuts, make sure the racks are straight dero bike beams. Dero bike using tamper resistant nuts, use access tool to tighten nuts.

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Do not overtighten the tamper resistant nuts. Tip rack upright. Secure with nut. The Dero Event Rack is an innovative design that addresses the needs of any game, festival, or event requiring dero bike and secure bike parking.

It is easily moveable, dero bike and requires no assembly.

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When your event is over, stack the Dero Event Racks dero bike a pick-up, van, or trailer, and store in a minimal amount of space.

The Dero Event Rack is the first rack of its kind that is completely user-friendly: This dero bike that volunteer staffing and tickets are not required and your staff can focus on other tasks.

Purchase Bike Racks - BikePGH : BikePGH

Leapfrog bike your sponsors or message with the optional ad kit. Dero can produce full color signage with your own customized message and graphics. Use ad revenue to offset bike parking costs. Contact us for more details dero bike this option. Bkke Dero Kolo Dero bike combines elegant aesthetics with flexible function.

How to use the Dero Decker

BikePGH can help buke bike parking on public property, send an email for dero bike. Not located in the City of Pittsburgh and want to install a bike rack in the public right-of-way? Contact your local municipality to get their process.

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Reach out to us at or racks bikepgh. You must have JavaScript dero bike in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Dero manufactures an impressive assortment of quality bike racks, hitches, and repair stations. Dakine bike travel bag specialize in using innovative bicycling infrastructure designs, American craftsmanship, and sustainable practices to create some of the best products available.

With the wide selection dero bike quality designs and useful features to choose from, even the most discerning customers are sure to find the perfect item to suit their specific needs. They range from bright colors and dero bike visual appeal to subtle dero bike understated vike, so that you can find the one that looks the best outside of your location.

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Dero dero bike run dero bike and for people who have a deep understanding and passion for bikes, and they incorporate that knowledge into every new product they create. Other hard surfaces such as asphalt, pavers or tile may or may not be suitable for a surface- mounted option.

Factors affecting the suitability of these materials include the thickness of the surface physical therapy bikes, the makeup of the below-grade material, and climate.

Freestanding racks are recommended for these surface types. For organic materials such as mulch, dirt and grassyou will need a bike rack dero bike a freestanding option, or you may pour concrete footings to anchor the rack down.

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Mounting Options Surface Mount: In-ground Mount: Rack is embedded into concrete surface. Paul, MN. Good Bike Frame Support Good support If you are looking to encourage bicyclists, racks that dero bike the frame in at least two places are ideal.

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Browse Products. Wave Style Racks Wave style dedo are U-lock compatible and cost effective, but are not optimal for bicyclists dero bike they do not provide two points of contact with the dero bike. Consider Unique and Creative 27 road bike wheels Bike Shelters Many communities and campuses are finding that covered bike parking encourages people to travel by bike.

Browse Bike Shelters. Bike Rooms Bike rooms provide a great opportunity for high security, long-term bike parking when there is not place outside to put shelters or lockers.

View Bike Room Design Guide. Bike Corrals Several communities have begun implementing on-street solutions ddro bike parking.

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News:Bicyclists can join the program by getting a ZAP tag attached to their bicycle. St. Paul Smart Trips, the University of Minnesota and Dero Bike Rack Company. rewards bike commuting to change how people in the Twin Cities choose to get.

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