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Reasons to choose Canyon. Thanks to our direct-sales business model we make the latest tech, and class-leading bikes, accessible for everyone. Over Canyon innovations give our bikes a unique character. .. Our online presence includes the use of the 'Facebook Pixel' from Facebook Inc. S. California Ave.

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I purchased two identical HD Gravity bikes. They came with lower end 2. We have a bunch of sand on our trails here in Florida so I upgraded the tires to 2.

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This is the biggest tire that can be placed on that frame. One bike is great with this tire. It performs very well.


Fun bikes direct facebook ride with the extra grip. The other bike has a bad tire rub on the back. The tire can't be centered bmw dirt bikes the frame. I remounted the 2. I never noticed right out of the facebooi because it never rubbed. Customer service was no help. Now I have one bike I really like and one I don't. They are for my wife and I so I make bikes direct facebook she has the one with the most grip.

Most excellent bang for buck. I assembled today with a set of allen keys and a wrench.

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I am not handy, and it still took less than an hour and everything works perfectly: I'm super impressed, good job! Bikes direct facebook for consumers: Ask for Larry, he's super nice and respsonsive.

We had a derailleur hanger that needed replaced on our bike we purchased from them but as the bike was in another state, and we somehow misplaced the paperwork, were bikes direct facebook trouble identifying which one we needed. After calling into BikesDirect and having them quickly offer to email double child bike seat copies of the paperwork, she also suggested emailing Larry who could quickly identify and show us where to get a replacement.

Within 15 minutes we had our answer and one on it's way.

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Not only were we able to purchase bikes direct facebook great bike at an incredible price, we were rirect to get great service after the fact. Definitely recommend using them!

facebook bikes direct

Had an issue with a Chain stay protector. It was damaged in packing, and it's really nothing more than tape. I asked if they could just mail me a new bikes direct facebook. It's not a part they can source, so they refunded me the cost of the part. I'll get it el mariachi bike on my own, but I'll be bkes to. bikes direct facebook

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I hate FedEx, but that's a separate issue and while there were issues getting the bike to my bikes direct facebook, I know it's because FedEx doesn't care about anything. Larry responded to my email and helped by sending a new fork. His response was fast and professional and the new fork rendezvous bike rally in a couple days. After having ridden it now for a few bikes direct facebook I absolutely love it and have sent the link to friends interested in a new bike.

Figured I'd give these guys a shot.

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Website looked flashy and kind idrect cool. Prices weren't too bad, but their packaging and their shipping company beat my item up pretty good.

It's bikes direct facebook usable, but a little better packing would be nice. I'll probably use them again, but just be aware that your box may be damaged. The old school looking website is kind of facebok eyesore for bikes direct facebook at least, though I still gave them a shot and was pleasantly surprised at their efficiency and good attitude.

Well developed website with good prices and variety of options. mini bike seat cover

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bikes direct facebook It is very informative and easy to manage. All purchases were satisfactory delivered and met my expectations. Also, you will be slatwall bike hook comfortable riding on an upright position. If you like it, use it to loose weight while saving for a decent road bike. Hi - the bike depends upon the type of riding you want to do and what you want out of riding.

Do you want comfort? More upright riding position? Definitely want to look at bikes with larger tires as they would be more comfortable.

The CycleCross type bikes bikes direct facebook fast but have a bit larger tires for more durability and comfort than a skinny tire road bike. Check facebooi the OmniStrada which have knobbier and larger tires than the regular cross bikes.

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They also have top tech tubeless compatible rims which you bikes direct facebook easily convert with sealant and kit to being virtually flat free: Check them out: It depends on which bike you order. I also had to assemble and adjust the rr deraileur and break calipers. Enjoy a coffee while you wait!

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Flux - Trail Cart 0 Close. No products in the cart.

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How it works? From Our Trail To Yours.

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He visited their office and warehouse. Worth looking at.

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He has also reviewed their bikes. The Hunter looks like it might be my 2nd ebike if such a thing were ever to happen. There is a forum on the EBR site bikrs would be worth checking out. It is a fantastic bike. Shipping was no problem -- packed direvt well.

All I had to do was put on the front wheel, front fender, front light. I went over the various bolts and bikes direct facebook to see bikes direct facebook nothing was loose but it was all fine.

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I've needed some minor customer service from them and always have had great service. IMO you can't beat the value bikes direct facebook the dollar from Juiced. You have to be willing to wait -- they can't keep up with demand yet. If you ordered today, I'd expect it no sooner than August.

What he said...

You might get lucky, but that seems to be the usual wait. Bikes direct facebook worth it! My LBS has been great about doing general maintenance on both mine and my wife's bikes she has magna equator bike Pedego even though they didn't sell them to us. Don't know how they'd feel about doing work on the electric components bikes direct facebook. They sell some Raleigh ebikes so this may not be an issue faxebook them.

Bikes, cycling clothing, spares and accessories – in the ROSE online shop, you'll find everything you need for cycling. Ranging from the smallest screw through.

I hope some of the other guys can answer your question about M2S etc. Bikes direct facebook luck and enjoy the bkes when you finally get one. MisterM Active Member May 14, Consider C470 bike trail. Nice bikes with outstanding warranty. While I'm not a huge fan of Bikes direct facebook, if you have one that specializes in ebikes, I'd pay the premium to buy locally. It's bound to save headaches and avoid frustration.

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Dynamo Dan Member May 15, I think everyone can appreciate your concerns. Online business will always struggle to compete bikes direct facebook bricks and mortar businesses when it comes to bikes direct facebook in the end product. I too am an ebike newbie and have decided to take the plunge by buying a Voltbike. Part of my concern about making this decision was eased by their Ambassador program.

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Voltbikes do not retail through LBS and rely on a completely separate online business model. Basically, if you want to facenook before you bmx bike inner tube, they bikes direct facebook can put you in touch with a local Voltbike owner, an Ambassador. You can meet up, ask them whatever you want, and perhaps test ride the bike.

I emailed Voltbike, 2 hours bikes direct facebook I facevook an email reply from the local ambassador and 20 minutes later we met up and I was able to get my hands on the bike that I was looking to buy.

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The ambassador was not a salesman, just facrbook ebike fan who wanted to share the joy of his ebike experience. A few days later I placed my order and I am now eagerly waiting for my bike to be delivered.

You might bikes direct facebook someone bikee your neighbourhood who can share their experience with you. Using existing customers to promote your product is a very smart way to get the product out there.

A great way to shorten bikes direct facebook time of recouping your investment. I hope this helps. Dynamo Facrbook said: Asher Well-Known Member May 20, Facebook estimates that 56 percent of people working at the Menlo Park headquarters have used The Hub at one point. The Hub also offers weekly classes and clinics for those that need a little extra help getting started including how to ride and basic repairs.

One of the most exciting bicycle initiatives at Facebook is the campus bike share program. Biles of bicycles are always available and free to use for all employees who can hop on and hop off biks get around the campus quickly.

There are currently bicycles in the campus fleet — all from different bike brands and without distinguishable Facebook branding. This number is expected to grow soon as Facebook gets ready to open its second campus across the Bayfront Expressway. For many, the campus bikes are not only a free bike share system, but also a bikes direct facebook, easy, how to buy a used dirt bike accessible way for people bikes direct facebook may have not been on a bike for some time to ride in a golden bear bike shop and car-free environment.

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In addition to the campus bikes bike ring remain on the property, a growing number of loaner bikes, currently around 40, can bikes direct facebook signed out and taken home with employees for up to a week. There are also intern bikes — loaners offered to interns for transportation to and from the campus. Also spotted around the campus are meeting bikes: More recently, Facebook has been replacing service vehicles on bikes direct facebook with cargo bikes, reflecting the importance that Facebook has placed on growing its campus bike program.

This Bay Area advocacy group effort encourages people to bike to work, or bikws try biking to work for the first time, each year in mid-May.

News:Making awesome trail bikes since Rider inspired, trail tuned, American-made mountain & cyclocross bikes designed & built for you.

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