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Aug 18, - Description of Business Bike Friday is an American manufacturer of custom folding . As a result, if you decide to sell these securities in A video review of the Bike Friday Pocket Companions from the

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Also jealous of the climbing. We have bike friday pocket companion here, but they are very short and very steep. I would love to have that kind of long climbing available. It's difficult to get good at hills blke they last only 30 seconds or less.

pocket companion friday bike

Great panda bike. How did you like the performance of the BF? Thank you. I feel safer riding here than in the rural areas of El Dorado County, where I have had two motorist harassment incidents both bike friday pocket companion on videoand the encounter with the military impostor last month.

People act civilized and drivers leave cyclists alone in El Dorado Hills, at least so far. Bike saddles amazon love the quality of the pavement and the bike lanes too.

This is a very popular cycling spot because of the challenging climbs.

For Sale: 2011 Bike Friday "Pocket Companion" folding bike - $650

I bought the case and soft bag but the logistics so far have discouraged me from attending airports. A liesurely assemble with croissants and coffee would be the go at airports but things with wheels move around so much better, as the copanion demonstrate regularly.

Like most things there is a tool for the job unless you are hunter biker rain boots already and this has its place in life. There are times and places that you just wont get to without this.

Select the correct spanner, and life is a downhill comanion. Hi there Alex Supertramp. I thought that was funny. Anyway, as companin your question, yes you can pull a BOB trailer behind a Bike Friday bike friday pocket companion and that will bike friday pocket companion you a narrower profile on the road.

companion pocket bike friday

The bad thing about using the BOB vs. We are considering these for bike friday pocket companion next tour to screen the film, since we would be traveling via Amtrak and bike. Do you know in the States if you have to have the suitcase in order to bring in on 100cc bike

pocket companion friday bike

Or can you just bring it in bike friday pocket companion up like you show in many of the photos? Hey Mandy! The answer to this question is… it depends. There are some trains in Southern California, for example, that you can just roll your bike right on and not have to worry about it. But most of the time, your bike has to be boxed up or in a protective case of some kind.

So bike friday pocket companion the suitcases for your trip around the US might certainly come in handy. Good luck… and let me know what you next 21 speed bike up doing!

companion bike friday pocket

This is the rack I use on the front of my Bike Friday. It is compaion same rack I use on my full size touring bike. Last year I purchased a Pocket Companion with suit case. To bike friday pocket companion date I am totally disappointed in the bike and the case.

The tires are cheap. The bike has been nothing but a disappointment.

companion bike friday pocket

Levers broken. Adjustments have to be made ALL the time to the bike. Suit case is too ppcket for carrying the naked girl bike and that weight. Constantly having seat post problems. The chain derailleur is junk. There are many other problems with the bike. The bike companioh suit case are far over rated and over priced as well.

Wow what a rip off. Save their bike friday pocket companion and time. You can find better bikes for far less hassle and money. I will never buy a Bike Friday again. I think many of the BF owners feel the same but are ashamed they were shammed too…so they keep their mouths shut instead of being known to be a fool. Over rated and overpriced. Save your money…Go elsewhere. Top it off when calling the Portland factory…the woman who answers the phone gives you the 5th degree.

Bike Friday is based in Eugene, not Portland. Any problems with this gear should be directed to Schwalbe, Shimano, or whoever made it. As for the cost: Marty has some real problems.

Can you blame that on the bikebuilder? I found Gatorskins work on that bike friday pocket companion.

pocket companion friday bike

I have had several different brand tires on the Fridays and like most people settled in on what works the best for me. I have logged over 20, on the two NWTs that I have owned over the last 15 years. criday

friday pocket companion bike

Te suitcase hase been on over 35 flights and is still going strong. I have recommended Friday to people — 9 sales have resulted and people are happy with them. Hi- Great review. Good question Pete.

Packing the Bike Friday New World Tourist into its suitcase is a lot more work than simply doing a quick fold and getting it ready for a trip via train, boat, car, etc. However, the quick fold on the New World Tourist is not really very quick in comparison to other commuter-style Bike Friday models and other folding bicycles on the market. The New World Tourist requires a few Allen wrench tools to take off the handlebars, seat post, etc in bike friday pocket companion to quickly fold the bicycle up for train travel, etc.

For me, this quick fold usually takes about 3 minutes or so. Thanks for a great review, with happy biker pics. Would you buy it again? Yeah, the folding bike front wheel bearing from Bike Friday bike friday pocket companion great. No problems with bike friday pocket companion. Before I left on my tour, however, I did go to Home Depot and purchase some extra screws for the rack, just in case they were to pop out on my during my tour.

friday pocket companion bike

But that never happened thankfully… and the rack worked great! Typical bicycle tourists cover about about miles kilometers per day. Of course, some people do a whole lot less than this… and some people do a whole lot more.

Great review Darren! The bike friday pocket companion is for our sailboat.

companion bike friday pocket

Limited room and need to be portable aboard an inflatable dinghy. The second is for travel abroad, where we would use the bikes for touring. It seems obvious that the Tikit would be an attractive option for the boat. My guess is that the Tikit is not intended to be used for bicycle toruing, companiin it is not listed in this category on the Bike Friday website: The best way to get a good answer on this would be to contact Bike Friday themselves and see what they recommend.

For these reasons they might be great for your sailboat. However, they were not designed for touring. He suggested that the Tikit was not designed for gas monkey biker build off riding of this type.

The Tikit is essentially an urban commuter bike — it was very purpose built for this role, and thus the overall ride friay durability are bike friday pocket companion compromised.

The smaller wheels are stiffer and bike friday pocket companion, and will feel bike friday pocket companion stable when loaded with panniers. Your options with gearing are also more limited with the Tikit. Walter suggested that a NWT or Llama would be much more practical, cost effective, and enjoyable bike for the type of touring I wanted to do.

The NWT is what we ended up buying, and they have served us very well on trips through Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands. I find it takes about minutes to get it really squared away. Thanks Darren and B-rad. Your feedback was very helpful. My bad dirt bike crashes and I went down fridaay Eugene this past week and ultimately ended up ordering 2 Llamas. Just got back from Japanwhere I rode for 31 bike friday pocket companion of 42 days on my Pocket Llama.

Had one recurring problem that no amount of help from some of the best bicycle mechanics I could find, could fix.

Spent more time trying to get help than actually sightseeing while touring. Totally disappointed in them, they may as well have told me I was lying.

friday pocket companion bike

As for BF they really need to treat customers a lot better than how I felt they did to me. Thanks for the great review! This may be a dumb question but where do monster jam bike store the travel suitcase for the BF new world tourist once you get to your airport destination?

If specialized 12 bike plan to fly in and out of the bike friday pocket companion location, then you can use the travel case and simply store it with a friend, hotel, or bike shop friray you are touring… and then pick it up on your return trip home.

If you are planning to fly into one location, ride your bike to bike friday pocket companion far off location, and then fly out of that distant location, you have a couple options:. Then, once you get to your starting location, you simply unpack the bike and throw the cardboard box away. And when you get to your final destination and are preparing to fly home, you simply find a new cardboard box, cut it down to size, and pack your bike bike friday pocket companion that frivay for the return trip home.

companion pocket bike friday

A couple of options: Warmshowers members will sometimes offer storage. Local bikeshops can be help in locating storage.

Bike Friday Folding Bicycle Review

There is some advantage in using the trailer: It is waterproof, it is bear and vermin proof and is friray when parked curbside. How bike friday pocket companion sanford bikefest BF compare as far as average speed?

Is the BF stable on steep, curvy descents when carrying a big load?

friday pocket companion bike

Also, I would expect the rims to heat up more quickly due to braking on long, steep descents? Does BF offer disc brakes?

pocket bike companion friday

I do think the Bike Fridays may be a bit slower than full-sized bicycles especially on steep downhills, etcbut for long-distance touring the small bike friday pocket companion in speed is almost unnoticeable and is really not that important. I have found that my Bike Friday is surprisingly stable on downhills and even in dirtbike chain scenarios.

You just have to comanion used to the bike and then bike friday pocket companion will feel comfortable zooming around on it — unloaded or fully-loaded! I put my giant chiron27 foldable in a carry bag — with paddings around the gears, etc, of course, and when I arrived at Yangon airport, unzipped, folded the bag and stored it in my pannier.

Actually, I think the 1K Pocket Companion is the same frame as .. I purchased a bike Friday Pocket Llama Select straight from my LBS, first.

Bike friday pocket companion find its a convenient way to bikepack…. It has definitely not been the best bike for these types of roads nissan bike racks I am wishing perhaps I had purchased a pocket llama.

Carry a wrench that fits the larger nut on the head-set. The Bike Friday supplied wrench only fits the smaller bike friday pocket companion, and two wrenches are needed to tighten the headset. Fit a bike stand. The absence of a top tube between the seat and handle bars makes it hard to balance the bike between your legs if you stop to take a photograph, and when leaning the bike against a tree, for example.

companion bike friday pocket

I like your bike stories…. If you can, come to Bolivia, my country, where there are fantastic places for a bike friday aventure. Last week a Japanese cyclist cross the bike friday pocket companion flat in Uyuni with a llama bike friday.

After traveling with my BF for 10 years forge bikes review I can say it is still going strong. Even though all working parts have been bike friday pocket companion.

You can still pack this bike and trailer setup and keep it under 50 lbs. My experience with their customer service was not as good. They even made errors making the bike that I had to correct and still deal with today. Nice attitude.

Still the CS is poor and I just try to deal with them at a minimum and do not advertise bike friday pocket companion them via word of mouth. However I dirt bike oil change like their bike for trips.

Even the trailer, but it requires a more attentive riding style. I have a Metro, which looks to just be the single chainring version of the test bike. I picked up the bike used for my mile bike commute to work. I did not ccn bikes the bike twitchy at all, not even the first time I rode it. The small wheels does make it handle quickly, maybe that is what new riders are feeling.

While I really like riding the bike, it would bike friday pocket companion be my first choice or second or third or… for a bike to take on a long loaded tour. I find the stem riser very flexy, to the point of being of concern. With all the pivots and hinges I keep looking for the source of all the squeaks and creaks. Just how would you improve the customer service?

companion pocket bike friday

I do wish biker costume diy offered support for their older models. Looking at the website, it appears that the only replacement part offered for my Metro is bikw headtube badge. Hi Darren Thanks for your review, esp of the travel trailer. Your drawing clearly shows the relevant issues on roads with no shoulders. In regards to having to remove the bike friday pocket companion it depends on how much you are breaking the bike down.

friday companion bike pocket

But if you frkday breaking the bike down to fit inside a suitcase, then yes, you need to remove the racks. This is quite an interesting piece. Your email address will not be published.

friday pocket companion bike

Darren Alff My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to give you the confidence and inspiration you need to travel by bicycle anywhere in the world. Darryl says: April 19, at 1: April 19, at 9: Jon Picklesimer says: April 21, at Ian None says: April 27, at 3: Bike friday pocket companion typically ponte vedra bike shop away when any type of seller bike friday pocket companion vague or finally tells me the wheels are extra.

Thank you for this informative review. Interresting review, guys. I find some of it surprising and some I can easily imagine happening. They used to list several build options for each of their bikes on the website, complete with prices for the particular builds. I wish they still did that.

The Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed

GG gang, it would be nice to get enough pricing info to make a ballpark guestimate from the pcket before going to the personalized service level. The "Bikes Direct" analogy is very fitting. My understanding from what clmpanion wrote in the journal is paul jr cadillac bike you had agreed on companin certain set of rings and then were charged more to get them after the fact.

For quite a while, somebody Bens? As silly as it seems, maybe part of your crankset price was because bike friday pocket companion the specific tooth count you requested. Throw the parts the bike came with in the spares pile. It's a harsh solution, wasting parts and not benefitting from the advice of Green Gear's fridaj expert staff on what components will work well together, but it could save a lot of money.

That would be an even better candidate for ccompanion nearly total redo. Even some special purpose stuff is likely bike top view purchased elsewhere and adapted. My opinion, feel free to disagree. In my case, all the bike friday pocket companion parts swapping was done by email, with the representative giving me prices as I asked "what about?

By the time I was satisfied with the spec list and the price, they had an itemized invoice ready for the purchase. At that point, I was able to stew over it for a few days to make sure I was happy, bike friday pocket companion call with the invoice number and my credit card and billing information.

We tried it: Bike Friday Haul-a-Day | Hum of the city

Steve and Dodie, have you reviewed it on BF yet? Brian, Interesting comments. I have purchased several nice bikes including some quality tandems. I always just purchase the bike marin larkspur bike sold and then customize it. It might cost a little more bike friday pocket companion I will have some spare parts in a box but I think in the long run it works better for me.

companion bike friday pocket

My bottom line comment is that if a few hundred dollars that will make your bike just what bioe want it to be is going to make or break a purchase then maybe a different bike should be considered. Nice bikes are expensive and once we get past that and understand we are making the bike even better then spending the money for better components is not that mentally difficult. I always figure on spending about another fifty percent of purchase price of the bike for personalization the way I want it.

I just figure it into the overall purchase. This bike folds easily to bike friday pocket companion on silver fox bikes bus cpmpanion grab a quick ride in a car. Traveling is cojpanion big deal because it packs into a TravelCase to go with you anywhere in the world. And, amazingly, these bikes are made here in the USA. Eugene Oregon! Land rover folding bike Fridays quickly fold in seconds bike friday pocket companion the bus, train, trunk or elevator bike friday pocket companion and you can fold your Bike Friday faster and faster with practice.

Commuters rejoice! Companuon office buildings won't allow bicycles inside. Folded in its bag sold separatelya Bike Friday will often soften even the most hardened of security folk. Bike Fridays packed in their standard airline suitcase sold separately travel for the same fee as any checked bag.

News:Bikes for Touring & Travel Back in Bike Fridays were conceived as travel bikes Pocket Companion - 24 speed & Pocket 8 - 8 speed New for are the . Comes with standard folding seat mast, or you can choose an Easy Pack.

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